Al Safa Construction Clinic is one of the largest and most experienced suppliers of wholesale and folded construction equipment in Khuzestan province and the south of the country. It was established as a specialized construction body to satisfy large construction companies, builders and contractors. With representation of the best brands of indoor and outdoor buildings, expert experts and experts enable you to provide expert advice on construction equipment at all stages of construction in a highly specialized manner. Due to the need of the construction industry experts, Al Safa Construction Clinic is honored to utilize the latest knowledge and expertise from specialists, engineers and executives to provide the best quality products and services in the provision of high quality construction equipment. a. Al Safa Construction Clinic focuses on being one of the strongest equipment suppliers as well as in direct contact with local and foreign companies in advancing the construction industry in the country, always offering the best in optimal purchasing conditions and quality. Above provides you with the best you want and gives you the best products in a new marketing way.

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